The PIVOT Dental Sleep Medicine Masterclass

An epic 2-day in-person experience to help you cast fresh vision and create your roadmap to success while building meaningful connections with high-achieving peers and industry leaders.

September 20-21, 2024 | San Diego, CA

3 Goals for this Experience

This two-day in-person experience will help you create your roadmap to success in dental sleep medicine, workshop with industry leaders, and gain practical takeaways to take your practice to the next level.

#1: Take Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice to the Next Level

You’ve already discovered that slogging through the space of Dental Sleep Medicine isn’t for the faint of heart. The workflow is different, the patients are difficult … and don’t get me started on the differences between dental vs. medical billing, right?! Learning how to dream in the midst of navigating all of this takes time.

This immersive experience will give you an excuse to make the time, providing you with the space to take a deep breath, disconnect from the daily grind and focus on what matters most to you. The systems you will learn here will define your path for tomorrow.

#2: Create Your Roadmap to Success

Your team and practice live by workflows. Your assistants know how to room a patient, anticipate your every need and turn over a room like abracadabra. So why is it so hard to get everything in sync for sleep apnea patients?

While you’re at this [retreat], we will take a deep dive into the workflows, habits, and pro tips from the DSM gurus themselves, who successfully turned their daily grind into a team groove. And more importantly, you’ll identify the key milestones for your roadmap to success.

#3: Build Your Network 

Practicing dentistry, and especially Dental Sleep Medicine, can be pretty lonely. Rather than feeling like you’re stuck on an outrigger searching for a mythical island, come embrace the space where camaraderie is king and the DSM gurus share their most prized secrets.

  • Ever wonder how some gurus treat over 100 sleep patients per month, run 8-figure practices, and LOVE what they do?
  • Ask Lesia Crawford, co-owner of GoTo Sleep Centers, she’ll be here.
  • Maybe you’d like to know how others run multiple locations, work with university hospitals, sit on panels treating patients from multiple VA clinics and still only work 4 days per week?
  • Ask Dr. Kent Smith, founder/owner of Sleep Dallas, he’ll be here.
  • Or perhaps you’re wondering if you’re the only one struggling with that one thing you can’t seem to overcome in your sleep practice.

You’re not alone. There are others. And they’ll be here.

Enjoy time learning alongside fellow high-achieving peers and create meaningful relationships that last well beyond the weekend together.

What To Expect During Our 2 Days Together

From Friday morning to Saturday afternoon, you’ll participate
in the following with industry leaders and 24 of your fellow DSM peers.

Breakout Sessions

Ask questions and get real-time coaching from the speakers on some of the most challenging aspects of Dental Sleep Medicine. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Create an Evergreen Ecosystem of Patient Referrals
  • Maximize External Marketing Ad Spend
  • Increase Case Acceptance > 80%
  • Catapult Your DSM Software to Create New Physician Relationships

Pro Tips

Tested and validated techniques from practicing providers on how to take your practice to the next level. In these sessions, you’ll learn:

  • How to Increase Your Case Acceptance > 80%
  • How to Unlock Your Team’s Secret Strength and Build a Culture That Drives Your Practice Goals
  • How to Track Everything, Delegate Effectively and Leverage Your Leadership Potential

Solution Spotlight

Still have questions? Good! Bring those burning questions on anything related to Dental Sleep Medicine to the speakers and the group to get actionable feedback and advice.

HINT: It does not have to be related to the breakout topics or the agenda.

Game Changers

Short sessions to share the latest tools, routines, software, etc that are helping you and your colleagues rock this sleep world. One game-changer could make the entire trip worthwhile!

Full Focus

On Saturday, you can enjoy a working lunch on the beach with your team or huddled with colleagues in a brainstorm session while you map out your action plan. And finishing up our Saturday session, you’ll have time to review your plan with a sleep coach BEFORE you leave the course!

Who the Masterclass is for

You have a successful restorative practice but are ready to provide (more) appliances for sleep apnea…

You know patients need help. You’ve screened your patients. You’ve even treated a large number of your restorative patients.

And yet, your sleep practice isn’t where you want it:

  • You want to get out of the monotony of everyday dentistry
  • Your back hurts from years of dentistry
  • You’re ready for something different
  • You’re tired of having to do everything by yourself
  • Patients don’t come back after you refer them for a test
  • You’ve screened all your existing patients and need referrals
  • Your local MDs aren’t referring (enough) patients to you
  • You’re not using your website or social media to its full potential
  • You need to build systems around your sleep practice but don’t know where to start
  • You’re the evangelist, and your team doesn’t see how important this is for patients

Can you relate? Then the Masterclass is for you!

It’s taken Michael Cowen nearly 20 years of working with physicians to understand how to build relationships that actually refer patients. At this event, you’ll be able to work alongside Michael and other speakers who accomplished exactly what you’re attempting to do. Don’t miss the chance to work side-by-side with experts who have built several locations with referrals alone. Learn what and how to grow the sleep practice of your dreams!

Space is Very Limited. Grab Your Seat Today!

Registration Closes with 25 Dentists.

Once in San Diego, you’ll have access to:

  • DSM Experts
  • Real-time coaching
  • Custom breakouts groups
  • Expert advice on your practice
  • High-achieving peers and industry leaders
  • The latest tools, routines, and software for DSM
  • Breakfast and lunch for the conference
  • Cocktail reception on Friday
  • Private beaches and cabanas
  • Unlimited coffee

All of this for $2497!

Why 25 doctors? This event is designed to workshop your practice. We can’t do that with too many people. Each attendee will get individual time with DSM experts to learn more than just what to do. Join your peers and learn how to build your sleep practice. Only 12 seats remain.

What Did Attendees Say Last Year?

Learn Why This Event Is So Impactful

When, Where, What?

Here are the basics for the Masterclass

When is the Masterclass? The Masterclass opens the conference doors at 8:30 AM on September 20th for breakfast. Day one will end the general session at 5:30 PM and open Cocktail Hour. Join us from 6:00 to 7:00 for free drinks and appetizers. Day two will go from 8 AM (with breakfast again) to 1 PM!

Where is the Masterclass? We will be in beautiful San Diego, CA, a coastal city with plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities. From the world-famous San Diego Zoo to the stunning beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city.

Where Will You Be Staying? The Masterclass is held at the #3 resort in Southern California – the Kona Kai Resort. Take advantage of the private resort beach, pools, and activity center, and start each day from your waterfront room!

What sets this event apart from other DSM courses? The PIVOT Masterclass is the MBA for Dental Sleep Medicine. You won’t just learn what you’re supposed to do, but each section has dedicated sections to show you how to implement what you’ve learned. You won’t go home and be confused Monday; you’ll have an action plan built with experts to tackle your specific objectives for your practice.

Other Questions & Answers

The Masterclass is about the business of sleep; topics will include patient record management, medical billing, building physician referrals, patient records management, sleep business systems, understanding and growing your online presence, growing an evergreen campaign to attract new patients, and more!

You can view the whole agenda by using this link!

In this event, you will learn what the top 1% of sleep providers are doing in their businesses and get to talk to them. Providers already “DSM only” will have a never-before-provided opportunity to receive action items that help them be top DSM providers in their region.

Team members will benefit from this course in a multitude of ways.

  1. Learn the vision of a sleep practice.
  2. Gain clarity in systems.
  3. Grow in ownership of outcomes for patient acceptance and compliance.
  4. Set goals for their involvement in the sleep practice.

Your team will leave this event empowered and equipped to work alongside you in growing your sleep practice!

Most sleep courses are “how-to” events; they show you what appliance to use, how to take an impression, and how to bill medical insurance. These events, while powerful, provide instructions for the multitude, often with generalities and without clear, actionable steps for offices to take Monday.

At the Masterclass, we will teach you how to run your sleep business, but we will help you plan what to do on Monday. Attendees will learn amazing things from DSM experts and have a clear plan of attack to grow their business, what to do, and how to measure success.

Our sponsors are ProSomnus, Apex Dental Sleep, Nierman Practice Management, Dental Sleep Profits, and Sleep Apnea Leads. While at the event, these sponsors are willing to provide free advice and instruction in their specialty to attendees and learn from experts about what to do in their areas of specialty!

You can see all sponsors and learn more about them using this link!

Yes! Team members or any other event attendee must purchase tickets to access the event, provided food, care packages, and other resources. Additional doctors are $2,497, and team members are $497.

YES! Awaken2Sleep has an amazing room block discount; click here to book your room. Even though the resort is #3 in San Diego, attendees will have access to affordable rooms. Get a suite at a substantial discount or a room at a great rate. Whichever you choose, you’ll always have a waterfront room!

Yes, you can. Please note being in San Diego in September; you’re likely to pay more at any other hotel nearby. If registering at another location, please plan for travel accordingly.

Meet the Masterclass Speakers

Access sleep industry pros with 20+ years of expertise in building sleep practices.

Keynote: Kent Smith, DDS, D-ABDSM

CEO of Star Sleep & Wellness and Renowned Sleep Apnea Expert
Dr. Kent Smith, a distinguished leader in dental sleep medicine, continues to shape the future of patient care in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. As the CEO of Star Sleep & Wellness, with five locations, he leads a robust team of sleep physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and a psychologist. This multidisciplinary approach allows for comprehensive treatment across all sleep pathologies, leveraging a variety of treatment modalities. Beyond his executive leadership, Dr. Smith is a Diplomate with both the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, where he served as Immediate Past President. His commitment to education remains unwavering; in 2007, he was pivotal in establishing a sleep curriculum at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Smith's influence extends into the literary world as the author of the fictional sleep mystery, "Goodbye, Good Night." His global recognition as a dynamic speaker and educator, combined with his leadership at Star Sleep & Wellness, underscores his enduring passion and expertise in dental sleep medicine.

Stacey Layman, DDS, D-ABDSM

Dentist and Sleep Business Extraordinaire!
Co-founder of GoTo Sleep Centers one of the most successful DSM Only Practices in the US Dr. Layman, has a career spanning over 15 years, Dr. Layman stands out as a board-certified diplomate by the AADSM and ASBA. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her co-founding of GoGo Billing, a trailblazing DSM medical billing company. A graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Layman has mastered both cosmetic dentistry and dental sleep medicine. She's a well-known speaker on these topics and has been featured in national TV commercials for leading dental brands. Her life is enriched by her family, including two daughters and a husband, and her love for her pack of dogs and home renovation projects. Dr. Layman's dedication to her field and her holistic approach to patient care make her an influential and inspiring figure in dental sleep medicine.

Justin Elikofer, DDS, D-AADSM

Dental Sleep Leader and Private Practice Owner
A distinguished practitioner in dental sleep medicine, hails from Evansville, Indiana. Excelling in academia and 3D ceramic art, he found dentistry to be a harmonious blend of artistic creativity and medical science. An alumnus of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr. Elikofer initially joined a traveling oral surgery team, honing his skills in treating dental ailments. His journey led him to South Florida in 2018, where under the guidance of the AADSM, he achieved diplomate status in Dental Sleep Medicine by 2020. Dr. Elikofer's commitment to exploring effective patient treatments culminated in him becoming a private practice owner, specializing in devices that improve airway stability and enhance lives. Outside the clinic, he enjoys boating, beach days, and supporting local sports teams like the USF Bulls, Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning.

Lesia Crawford

CEO and Co-Founder GoTo Sleep Center for CPAP Alternatives
Brace yourself for the infectious enthusiasm of Lesia Crawford, the indomitable CEO and Co-Founder of Go To Sleep Center and CPAP Alternatives. With nearly three decades of dental field experience and a close-knit partnership with Dr. Layman for nearly 20 years, Lesia possesses an innate ability to connect with people, listen to their unique sleep journeys, and present them with innovative solutions and a ray of hope. A dental assistant-turned-front office maestro. Her insights into how to close cases, run a lean DSM practice, and be in the top 5% of DSM providers makes her a much sought after speaker in sleep. Join Lesia Crawford on a transformative journey as she imparts her unparalleled expertise on building and growing a thriving sleep practice.

Haramandeep Singh, MD

Sleep Medicine Pioneer
A distinguished Sleep Medicine specialist, combines extensive medical expertise with a passion for sleep disorder treatment. He began his journey at Washington University School of Medicine, followed by an internship and a residency in Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital. His deep interest in the impacts of sleep disorders led him to specialize in Sleep Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern. As the CEO of Sleep Medicine Specialists of California and Medical Director of the Tri-Valley Sleep Center. His role in leading clinical trials and membership in top sleep medicine societies further solidifies his position as a key influencer in the field, providing dentists with a wealth of knowledge and experience critical for excelling in dental sleep medicine.

Michael Cowen

CEO and Founder of Awaken2Sleep
Embark on a transformative journey in the Business of Sleep Medicine alongside Michael Cowen, the visionary CEO and Founder of Awaken2Sleep. Driven by a profound passion, unwavering dedication, and a wealth of education, Michael has been saving lives and reshaping the sleep medicine landscape since 2003. Inspired by his daughter's triumphant battle with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, he became an expert in developing innovative sleep centers and home sleep tests in collaboration with physicians. In 2015, Michael established Awaken2Sleep, a company that empowers dental practices to level up with proven dental sleep medicine coaching, team training, and sleep testing. Prepare to learn the intricate art of sleep medicine business from a unique medical perspective under Michael Cowen's guidance.

Todd Warren

Founder and Owner of Dental Sleep Profits
Meet the trailblazing visionary who made an extraordinary shift from a successful marketing agency to become a driving force in dental sleep marketing. With his groundbreaking enterprise, Dental Sleep Profits, Todd empowers dental sleep practice owners to unlock a world of possibilities and achieve exceptional profitability. As a true pioneer of opportunity control, Todd guides practitioners through the five levels of awareness surrounding sleep apnea and treatment, enabling them to strategically attract and guide sleep patients with remarkable precision. Experience the transformative power firsthand through Todd's invaluable insights shared at the PIVOT DSM Masterclass! Let Todd Warren be your trusted guide on the thrilling journey to success in the dynamic realm of dental sleep medicine.

Lane Rizzardini

Co-Founder of Sleep Apnea Leads
Empower yourself as a dental authority on sleep apnea and watch your patient base, referral network, and revenue soar under the expert guidance of Lane Rizzardini. With over 13 years of marketing experience and a plethora of accolades to his name, Lane is your go-to resource for building and expanding your sleep brand. Having collaborated with industry giants and fearlessly taking on competition, Lane's expertise knows no bounds. Based in Dallas, TX, Lane, alongside his beautiful family, passionately supports his favorite Chicago sports teams from afar. Trust Lane Rizzardini to equip you with the tools needed to become a local authority in the realm of sleep apnea and witness the transformative growth of your practice.

Chad Wooters, MBA

Director of Operations and Coaching at Awaken2Sleep
Chad’s journey in the education industry and business development has brought him to the forefront of the dental space. Since 2018, Chad has worked tirelessly, empowering hundreds of dentists across the United States. As the mastermind behind the online academy of Sleep Hero Network, he utilizes his wealth of experience to coach dental practices in establishing thriving Dental Sleep Medicine programs. Chad's unwavering passion lies in raising awareness about the presence and severity of the OSA epidemic. As a national speaker, his mission revolves around equipping dental providers with the necessary tools to become true sleep heroes. Trust Chad Wooters to lead you toward becoming a champion in the field of sleep medicine.


See exactly what we will do to PIVOT your practice.

Day 1

Join us for great food and coffee as we launch the PIVOT DSM Masterclass!

In the dynamic world of dental sleep medicine, the secret ingredient to a thriving practice isn’t just the technology or the treatments—it’s the people. Dr. Kent Smith, a maestro of dental sleep medicine and the pioneering CEO of Star Sleep & Wellness, will show us the science of strategic hiring. With a proven track record of transforming the patient care experience, Dr. Smith has mastered assembling high-caliber teams from the most unexpected places. Yes, even from your morning coffee queue at Starbucks.

Dive deep into the essence of innovative hiring with Dr. Smith, who shares invaluable insights to spotting and attracting the crème de la crème of potential team members. It’s more than filling positions; it’s creating a culture of excellence and dedication.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify hidden talents in everyday interactions
  • Learn to find potential where others see the ordinary
  • Master the art of the interview to reveal qualities beyond the resume
  • Create an irresistible practice culture that attracts top-tier talent
  • Implement innovative retention strategies to keep your star players engaged

Join Dr. Kent Smith for a session that promises to transform your hiring strategy from mundane to magical, ensuring your practice becomes the dream team of dental sleep medicine.

Unlock the full potential of your dental sleep practice with Michael Cowen, the founder of Awaken2Sleep, as he guides you through the transformative process of creating a vision, setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), and achieving tangible outcomes. These tools help you craft a strategic plan and drive focus in your practice. Michael’s two decades of experience and personal journey in sleep medicine will bring you an experience that promises to elevate your practice to heights you’ve only imagined.

Participants will be able to:

  • Craft a compelling vision statement that guides your team
  • Understand the art of setting BHAGs that challenge and inspire your team
  • Create short-term goals that keep your practice aligned
  • Implement effective tracking to monitor progress and PIVOT as needed.

Prepare to be motivated, educated, and equipped to dream bigger, plan smarter, and achieve your practice’s loftiest goals with Michael Cowen’s expert guidance. Join us for the launchpad for your practice’s next big leap.

Enjoy beverages, network with your peers, collaborate with expert presenters!

Join these interactive sessions where you and your team can workshop your dental sleep medicine business with experts. Each attendee will rotate through the workshops; you can see the workshop options below!

Network with other attendees and speakers, take a walk on the beach, enjoy San Diego before we start part 2!

Step into the world of sleep medicine excellence with Lesia Crawford, a dynamo in dental sleep practice management, as she unveils the secrets to overcoming the 5 most challenging patient objections. Drawing from her rich experiences and success stories, Lesia promises a session brimming with practical wisdom, wit, and strategies that can transform your patient interactions. This isn’t just a talk; it’s a toolkit for turning “I’m not sure” into “Where do I sign?”

You’ll gain insights into:

  • Decoding the underlying concerns behind objections
  • Crafting compelling responses that help patients past their fears
  • Strategies for building trust and rapport with patients
  • Leveraging patient testimonials and data to showcase real-world success

Lesia Crawford brings her frontline experience and passion for sleep medicine to the fore, offering a fun, punchy, and incredibly valuable roadmap to navigating patient objections. Get ready to empower your practice with the confidence to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and patient satisfaction.

Join these interactive sessions where you and your team can workshop your dental sleep medicine business with experts. Each attendee will rotate through the workshops; you can see the workshop options below!

Enjoy beverages, network with your peers, collaborate with expert presenters!

In the rapidly evolving field of Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM), many practitioners struggle to scale their practices effectively, often hitting operational bottlenecks. Dr. Stacey Layman, a seasoned cosmetic dentistry and dental sleep medicine expert, will tackle this challenge head-on. With her extensive background as a co-founder of one of the leading DSM-only practices in the US and a pioneer in medical billing for sleep medicine, Dr. Layman has mastered the art of streamlining and expanding DSM services.

This session is designed to transform your treatment workflow, enabling your team to treat more patients efficiently without sacrificing quality. Dr. Layman will share her proven strategies for leveraging team strengths and optimizing practice operations. Her engaging delivery and practical insights will empower attendees to implement these techniques for immediate impact in their practices.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Enhance team collaboration and roles for increased productivity
  • Streamline treatment processes for higher patient throughput
  • Implement effective communication strategies that enhance patient satisfaction
  • Utilize technology to focus on patient care
  • Develop a scalable business model that grows with your practice

Join Dr. Layman for a transformative session that will equip you with the tools to effectively scale your DSM practice and maximize your team’s potential.

Dive deep into the heart of dental sleep medicine with a dynamic panel featuring some of the most influential leaders in the field: Dr. Kent Smith, Dr. Stacey Layman, and Dr. Justin Elikofer. This session is designed to uncover the secrets behind the success of top-tier DSM practices across the United States. Each panelist brings a unique perspective shaped by years of pioneering work and innovative practice management.

In this discussion, our panelists will share their insights on a variety of crucial topics, from integrating multidisciplinary approaches to enhancing patient care through advanced billing and marketing strategies. Attendees will gain firsthand knowledge of the methodologies and practices that have propelled these leaders to the forefront of their field.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Implement cutting-edge treatment modalities and technologies in their practices
  • Enhance collaboration among medical professionals to optimize patient outcomes
  • Navigate complex medical billing and maximize profitability
  • Apply strategic marketing techniques to attract and retain patients
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation within their teams

Join us for this not-to-be-missed panel discussion and start applying the best practices from the best practices to elevate your DSM practice to new heights of excellence and innovation.

Wrap up day 1! You’ll get action items for your practice to take home from this weekend!

Bring your team and join Awaken2Sleep and the Masterclass speakers for a mixer on the Kona Kai Private Beach!

Day 2

Join us for great food and coffee as we launch the PIVOT DSM Masterclass!

Navigating the complexities of referrals between dental and medical communities can be daunting. Dr. Haramandeep Singh, a venerated figure in sleep medicine, understands the nuances of fostering robust referral networks between dentists and physicians. His illustrious career, marked by groundbreaking contributions to sleep disorder treatment and leadership roles in major sleep medicine institutions, positions him perfectly to guide dental professionals through this intricate landscape.

In this session, Dr. Singh will delve into the common objections raised by medical doctors when collaborating with dentists. Drawing from his experience at the forefront of sleep medicine, he will offer practical strategies to address these challenges, improve communication, and build lasting partnerships that benefit patients and practitioners alike.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify and understand the typical reservations MDs have regarding dental referrals
  • Develop communication tactics to highlight the benefits of collaborative care
  • Implement best practices for maintaining effective referral networks
  • Leverage clinical data and case studies to persuade and educate MDs
  • Enhance patient outcomes through integrated, multidisciplinary approaches

Join Dr. Singh for a masterclass on bridging the gap between dental and medical practices, boosting your referral network, and ultimately enhancing your practice’s impact on patient health.

Join these interactive sessions where you and your team can workshop your dental sleep medicine business with experts. Each attendee will rotate through the workshops; you can see the workshop options below!

Enjoy beverages, network with your peers, collaborate with expert presenters!

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the game-changer in scaling your marketing efforts. Chad Wooters, an MBA with a profound track record in business development and education within the dental industry, is here to guide you through this digital transformation. As the Director of Operations and Coaching at Awaken2Sleep and the architect behind the Sleep Hero Network, Chad has equipped countless dental practices to excel and expand.

Chad will demystify AI and show you how to harness its power to supercharge your marketing strategies. Learn to use AI tools that streamline your marketing processes and provide deep insights into patient behaviors and preferences, ensuring your practice stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand the basics of AI and its applications in dental marketing
  • Implement AI-driven tools for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Utilize AI to refine marketing strategies and improve ROI
  • Enhance patient acquisition and retention through personalized communication
  • Future-proof your practice by integrating AI into your operational backbone

Get ready to transform your approach to marketing with Chad Wooters as he shows you how to integrate AI, giving you a competitive edge in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine isn’t just about dentistry; it’s about a holistic approach to patient health. D As the CEO of Star Sleep & Wellness, and a recognized authority in sleep apnea treatment, Dr. Smith’s multidisciplinary team approach is revolutionizing patient care in sleep medicine.

In this session, Dr. Smith will share his successful strategies for incorporating physicians into a dental sleep practice. His extensive experience in managing a team that includes sleep physicians, nurse practitioners, and other specialists provides a blueprint for attendees looking to enhance their practices.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify the benefits of integrating MDs into dental sleep practices
  • Navigate the complexities of building a multidisciplinary team
  • Develop effective collaboration and communication strategies between dentists and MDs
  • Understand the regulatory and logistical considerations of such partnerships
  • Implement best practices to ensure seamless patient care and enhanced practice growth

Join Dr. Smith as he guides you through the essential steps to elevate your practice by effectively bringing MDs into the fold, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sleep health that benefits both patients and your business.

Michael Cowen closes out the PIVOT DSM Masterclass, working with you to harness visionary goal-setting and strategic planning to elevate your practice. Embrace transformative tools and insights that promise to take your dental sleep practice to new heights of success and innovation.


Join Lane Rizzardini and Ryan Towe, co-founders of Sleep Apnea Leads, for a high-energy session that redefines how you market dental sleep medicine. With a combined experience of over two decades in cutting-edge marketing, Lane and Ryan specializes in turning dental practices into local leaders in sleep apnea treatment. This workshop is designed for those ready to elevate their practice through proven marketing strategies that attract patients, build lasting referrals, and increase revenue.

This session will dive into the 5 essential pillars of successful sleep marketing, offering actionable insights and tools you can apply immediately. Whether you want to enhance your brand or optimize your online presence, this workshop will give you the expertise to dominate the local market.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop your sleep brand to connect with patients and stand out in your community
  • Structure a website that guides potential patients through their decision-making journey
  • Establish an online presence that positions you as the top authority in OSA treatment
  • Implement targeted marketing strategies to reach patients seeking sleep solutions
  • Effectively convert leads into delivered treatments, maximizing your marketing ROI

Prepare to transform your practice with Lane and Ryan’s dynamic approach to marketing sleep apnea treatment. Walk away with a blueprint for becoming the go-to sleep authority in your area, driving growth and success in your dental practice.

Discover the art of making a significant difference in your community by joining a service that goes beyond the ordinary. Learn how to enrich the lives of patients and providers, uncover strategies to serve and excel, and reap the rewards of extraordinary loyalty in return. This session focuses on creating a profound local impact through dedicated and exceptional DSM  practices.

Drawing from the transformative strategies developed by Todd Warren, the founder of Dental Sleep Profits, this session will equip you with the tools to elevate your practice to new heights. Todd’s journey from a successful marketing agency to a leading figure in dental sleep marketing highlights the power of opportunity control and strategic patient engagement. His expertise will guide you through the ethical obligation and language of sales surrounding sleep apnea and treatment, enabling you to attract and guide sleep patients with remarkable precision.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Implement practices that deeply impact your community
  • Discover techniques to elevate your service beyond the ordinary
  • Utilize advanced marketing strategies to attract and retain sleep patients effectively
  • Understand achieving long-term profitability while maintaining high standards of care

Join us for a session inspired by Todd Warren’s innovative approach, promising to elevate your dental sleep medicine practice through community-centered excellence. Gain actionable strategies to make a lasting impact and achieve exceptional success.

Dr. Justin Elikofer, a trailblazer in dental sleep medicine, will explore the critical importance of accurate bite registration in treating sleep apnea. This session, designed for clinicians looking to elevate their practice, focuses on the art and science of using advanced tools and methodologies to ensure precise outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Throughout this detailed workshop, Dr. Elikofer will share his expertise in utilizing these tools to achieve better outcomes. By integrating these advanced technologies with clinical skill, practitioners can drastically reduce complications and increase the success rates of treatments.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Master the use of advanced tools for achieving precise bite registration
  • Apply best practices in selecting and using materials that ensure accuracy
  • Incorporate new techniques into their business to enhance efficiency and outcomes
  • Analyze the impact of precise treatment applications on overall business success

Prepare to transform your approach to DSM with Dr. Elikofer’s expert insights. This session is a must-attend for any dental professional dedicated to advancing their practice through innovation and precision in patient care.

Space is Very Limited. Grab Your Seat Today!

Registration Closes with 25 Dentists.

Once in San Diego, you’ll have access to:

  • DSM Experts
  • Real-time coaching
  • Custom breakouts groups
  • Expert advice on your practice
  • High-achieving peers and industry leaders
  • The latest tools, routines, and software for DSM
  • Breakfast and lunch for the conference
  • Cocktail reception on Friday
  • Private beaches and cabana
  • Unlimited coffee
  • And so much more

All of this for $2497!

Why 25 doctors? This event is designed to workshop your practice. We can’t do that with too many people. Each attendee will get individual time with DSM experts to learn more than just what to do. Join your peers and learn how to build your sleep practice. Only 12 seats remain.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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