This is NOT just another Dental Sleep Medicine course!

Seating is Limited - Only 25 Doctors!

A Shift Is Coming To Sleep, Will You PIVOT?

The PIVOT Dental Sleep Medicine Masterclass is an epic 2-day in-person experience to help you cast fresh vision and create your roadmap to success while building meaningful connections with high-achieving peers and industry leaders.

Get actionable techniques to transform your DSM biz to the practice of your dreams.

PIVOT with more physician referrals, increased case acceptance, improved team alignment, accelerated patient marketing, and more raving fans.

PIVOT DSM Masterclass Speakers

The PIVOT DSM Master Class will give you access to industry experts who have been in the sleep industry for over two decades!

DSM experts who have delivered more appliances than some labs have made!

Keynote: Jason Tierney

Author of "Transform Dental Sleep"
Unlock the potential of your sleep practice and turn it into the practice of your dreams with the unparalleled expertise of Jason Tierney, the remarkable DSM Leader and Founder of Transform DSM. With an impressive background spanning over two decades in dentistry and an unmatched understanding of DSM, Jason is the definitive authority to guide your practice toward thriving success. As the author of the groundbreaking book "Transform Dental Sleep," he possesses the indispensable tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Jason's coaching approach, infused with passion, has empowered numerous dental practices to gain the confidence and skills necessary to triumph. Take the leap and join the ranks of successful practices that have worked with this extraordinary leader. When you have the guidance and expertise of Jason Tierney, the possibilities for your practice are limitless.

Anjoo Ely, DDS

Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
Meet the trailblazer of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Anjoo Ely, who is igniting the city of Michigan with her profound expertise. A lauded alumnus of the University of Michigan Dental School, Dr. Ely leverages her 20+ years in the field, holding Diplomate status in both the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. What truly sets Dr. Ely apart is her passion for mentoring. Her vast proficiency in diverse areas from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to Invisalign and root canal treatments equips her to provide an in-depth, multifaceted educational experience. Aspiring dentists and seasoned practitioners alike will find Dr. Ely's patient-focused approach to teaching an invaluable asset in their pursuit of dental excellence.

Jeff Paz, DDS

Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
Meet Dr. Jeff Paz, a devoted DSM Dentist operating multiple sleep-only practices in the great state of Texas. Renowned for his expertise in craniofacial orthopedics, he has not only authored and lectured extensively on bone reconstruction and craniofacial development but has also demonstrated an unwavering dedication to his patients. As a prominent figure in the dental sleep medicine community, Dr. Paz imparts his knowledge to fellow dentists and serves as an adjunct faculty at the UT-Health School of Dentistry in San Antonio. Notably, he is a consultant and esteemed member of the educational committee for the AADSM, specializing in airway management and T.M.D. therapy in his private practice. When it comes to comprehensive care, Dr. Paz sets the standard through his exceptional skills and profound commitment.

Lesia Crawford

CEO and Co-Founder GoTo Sleep Center for CPAP Alternatives
Brace yourself for the infectious enthusiasm of Lesia Crawford, the indomitable CEO and Co-Founder of Go To Sleep Center and CPAP Alternatives. With nearly three decades of dental field experience and a close-knit partnership with Dr. Layman for nearly 20 years, Lesia possesses an innate ability to connect with people, listen to their unique sleep journeys, and present them with innovative solutions and a ray of hope. A dental assistant-turned-front office maestro. Join Lesia Crawford on a transformative journey as she imparts her unparalleled expertise on building and growing a thriving sleep practice.

Jon Nierman

President of Nierman Practice Management
Enter the realm of dental sleep medicine revolution spearheaded by the incomparable Jon Nierman. His unwavering commitment, clear mission, and an exceptional platform have positioned him as a leader to be reckoned with. By relentlessly removing barriers and crafting top-notch programs and services, Jon sets the gold standard for dental practices worldwide. His unrivaled expertise and unparalleled guidance have propelled countless dental professionals to new heights of success. With the integration of sleep medicine procedures into dental services, Jon paves the way for optimal care and unparalleled business outcomes.

Michael Cowen

CEO and Founder of Awaken2Sleep
Embark on a transformative journey in the Business of Sleep Medicine alongside Michael Cowen, the visionary CEO and Founder of Awaken2Sleep. Driven by a profound passion, unwavering dedication, and a wealth of education, Michael has been saving lives and reshaping the sleep medicine landscape since 2003. Inspired by his daughter's triumphant battle with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, he became an expert in developing innovative sleep centers and home sleep tests in collaboration with physicians. In 2015, Michael established Awaken2Sleep, a company that empowers dental practices to level up with proven dental sleep medicine coaching, team training, and sleep testing. Prepare to learn the intricate art of sleep medicine business from a unique medical perspective under Michael Cowen's guidance.

Todd Warren

Founder and Owner of Dental Sleep Profits
Meet the trailblazing visionary who made an extraordinary shift from a successful marketing agency to become a driving force in dental sleep marketing. With his groundbreaking enterprise, Dental Sleep Profits, Todd empowers dental sleep practice owners to unlock a world of possibilities and achieve exceptional profitability. As a true pioneer of opportunity control, Todd guides practitioners through the five levels of awareness surrounding sleep apnea and treatment, enabling them to strategically attract and guide sleep patients with remarkable precision. Experience the transformative power firsthand through Todd's invaluable insights shared at the PIVOT DSM Masterclass! Let Todd Warren be your trusted guide on the thrilling journey to success in the dynamic realm of dental sleep medicine.

Lane Rizzardini

Co-Founder of Sleep Apnea Leads
Empower yourself as a dental authority on sleep apnea and watch your patient base, referral network, and revenue soar under the expert guidance of Lane Rizzardini. With over 13 years of marketing experience and a plethora of accolades to his name, Lane is your go-to resource for building and expanding your sleep brand. Having collaborated with industry giants and fearlessly taking on competition, Lane's expertise knows no bounds. Based in Dallas, TX, Lane, alongside his beautiful family, passionately supports his favorite Chicago sports teams from afar. Trust Lane Rizzardini to equip you with the tools needed to become a local authority in the realm of sleep apnea and witness the transformative growth of your practice.

Chad Wooters

Director of Operations and Coaching at Awaken2Sleep
Chad’s journey in the education industry and business development has brought him to the forefront of the dental space. Since 2018, Chad has worked tirelessly, empowering hundreds of dentists across the United States. As the mastermind behind the online academy of Sleep Hero Network, he utilizes his wealth of experience to coach dental practices in establishing thriving Dental Sleep Medicine programs. Chad's unwavering passion lies in raising awareness about the presence and severity of the OSA epidemic. As a national speaker, his mission revolves around equipping dental providers with the necessary tools to become true sleep heroes. Trust Chad Wooters to lead you toward becoming a champion in the field of sleep medicine.

How Can The PIVOT DSM Masterclass Help?

Learn the stories of practices who have followed the PIVOT Curriculum.

Case Study: Brand new to $133,102 sleep practice in 6 months, without insurance.​
Case Study: $750,000 Part-Time Sleep Practice From a Full-time Hybrid Practice

Case Study: Brand new to $133,102 sleep practice in 6 months, without medical insurance.

This doctor has a successful dental practice with several associates. Their office started with excitement, tested their staff and family, and got a few cases.

Then they got stuck.

What got them consistent growth? A PIVOT.

Their team learned how to capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.

To help patients move from screened to treated

Case Study: $750,000 Part-Time Sleep Practice From a Full-time Hybrid Practice

Doctor 2 has been treating sleep for many years, while maintaining a small yet successful restorative practice. Clearing $1 Million in collections every year it was time to transition out of restorative dentistry.

The leaders met with Awaken2Sleep and discovered their dental practice was barely breaking even after expenses were considered. Most of the corporate profits came from their DSM Practice.

The team decided to PIVOT.

Through the PIVOT protocol, the office:

  • Accomplished their 5-year goal within 1 year
  • Sold their restorative practice
  • Launched a sleep-only practice.

Generating over $750,000 per year, part-time (with medical insurance.)

It took a PIVOT, a small shift in strategy with key pillars, to accomplish their goals.

Are you ready to make a shift in your career?

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